3,2,1…W/e 8/9/19

As we head into September my own training has shifted a little. Moving from 4 full body sessions per week to body part splits, working 2 upper body, and 2 lower body sessions each week. As always due to my schedule and commitments, I do 4 sessions back to back from Tues to Friday. So while it’s not optimal it allows me to get my training in and I need to make sure that my training volume and my nutrition is at a level that allows enough recovery to still be able to push hard.

Which brings me to this weeks 3,2,1.

3 training thoughts

Evidence based training, that is training that has research supporting the approach, a good set of training skills and is built around client needs and where appropriate, client preferences, is an absolute must in my mind. There has to be a method to the madness! While I know that the research tends to show a superiority towards full body training for both strength and hypertrophy, I needed a change in my training to keep me interested. Hence the above-mentioned switch in focus. For your own training and nutrition, keeping one eye on the principles that drive progress and one eye on what works for you and allows you to stay consistent is what is going to get you results.

If the current recommendation is that you need to train 6 days a week, eat x grams of protein and undulate your carb intake around the phases of the moon, but you can only get 3 sessions, are a bit variable with your protein intake (but still fairly consistent) then if that allows you to be consistent and still make some progress, then do that. It may not be the most optimal way of making progress, but slow progress is better than none.

The best experiment you can do with your training and nutrition is on your self. Try different approaches and see what you like and what keeps you from falling off the path.

Here is a great article from Aadam Ali on how low carb diets actually work for fat loss and how it’s not just about the carbs…

Stress affects everyone to more or less of a degree, and higher chronic stress levels will negatively affect your performance, health and fat loss attempts. Here is a great article from Kevin Masson (via Dr John Rusins site) on the effects of stress and some great advice on how to deal with it to help you improve your results.

2 nutrition bits

Here is a great chicken, red pepper and almond tray bake from BBC good food. It packs in a cracking 34g of protein and a whole load of tastiness. You should probably check it out…

Chicken, red pepper and almond traybake. 

I’m a big advocate for being more mindful at mealtimes specifically, and more of the time generally. And a big part of that is our relationship with technology, particularly with our phones and tablets. Here is a great article from NASM (National Assoc of Sports Medicine) on incorporating mindfulness breaks from technology.

1 exercise demo

Here is a great warm-up flow that I’ve been using more and more. You’ll get the upper back (extension and rotation), shoulder mobility and strength, stretches in the hip flexors, hamstrings and glutes. You practice balance and single-leg stability to boot. It might even test your coordination while you’re at it…


Have a great Sunday!



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