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As we go into November, it can start to get more challenging to get yourself out to the gym for your training sessions. The temptation to stay in bed another 30 minutes and enjoy the cosiness of your duvet, or head straight home from work to get stuck into a hot plate of hearty food can be great, but you only progress your fitness from the training you get done.

Scheduling your sessions, including the day, time and location of your training sessions is more than 3 times more likely to end up with you heading to the gym at the allotted time to get your session done. So make sure you plan ahead!


3 training thoughts

DBPT just turned 3!

I would like to thank all my clients over the last 3 years that have helped me continue to love what I do. I’ve had a great first 3 years self employed and have never once regretted bouncing myself out of Virgin Active (which was a great place to learn and grow) and going out alone.

I appreciate you all!

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, “You can’t out train a bad diet.”

I have a little under half of my clients that fall into the over 50 category and every single one of them deadlifts, squats, presses and pulls in their sessions. That doesn’t mean they necessarily barbell squat or deadlift, do pull ups or bench press (though a few do!) but they do some variation on all of those exercises.

Recent studies have shown that getting started in the gym later in life has just as much benefit as starting young. Improved strength, power, bone health, connective tissue strength and all the other myriad benefits lifting heavy things brings all still happen over 50. But going into the gym can be a daunting proposition at any age, but here is a great article if you are thinking of getting started later in life. 

2 nutrition bites

Netflix puts out a load of great programs, but their record when it comes to nutrition documentaries leaves a lot to be desired…

The Game Changers doc is another one sided doc fuelled by bad science and cherry picked examples. Menno Henselmans breaks down the real science behind the claims in the programme.

This is a wonderful article on self talk and fat loss success. The only voice you have no choice but to listen to all day, every day, is your own. If that voice is constantly talking you down and belittling your efforts, your chances of success take a big hit.

Reframe your self talk with practice and your results will dramatically improve.

1 Exercise demo

Lunges make up an important part of your training program. You spend most of your time walking on one leg or the other, and being able to stabilise and propel yourself is kind of a big deal. The issue with lunges (and most other single leg exercises) is that you tend to rely on some help from the “non-working” leg to get the job done. this defeats the purpose of working on one leg at a time…

Enter, the slide reverse lunge. This variation takes away your ability to push off the back leg whilst still allowing it to aid with balance.


Start unloaded, and build from there.

3-4 sets of 8-10 reps per side.

Have an awesome day!


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