3,2,1 W/e 23/2/20

Another week in the tank, that’s 8 for the year. How much closer have you gotten to your goals?

3 training thoughts

There is no rush for a lot of us to get to our goals. There is no pressing time limit, so why are you looking for immediate results?

Unless you have to get up on stage in fake tan and wearing no more than your undies, there is no rush to get lean. If you have a wedding or other event, you may have a more rigid timeline, but if that’s the case, hopefully you have given yourself at least a year.

You can see a chunk of weight loss is a short time, but it’s ultimately unsustainable, and whatever progress you make will bounce back with interest.

Find a sustainable way of making progress that works around your lifestyle, be consistent and be patient.

The longer you have been training, and the more regular and consistent you are with that training, the less of an impact you will notice if you have to miss a day or a week.

If you have been training less than a year, a week off will be noticed more than if you have been training for a year plus.

If you train 1-2 times a week, missing a couple of sessions will have more of an impact on how you feel and perform than if you train 3-5 times per week.

What can you do to increase the amount of non-exercise movement you do?

The leaner people tend to be those who are more generally active, as well as being those who are more consistent with their nutrition and training. They walk all or part of their commute. They take the stairs. They go out for walks, they are active at home, they have lots of little activities that they do all the time.

If you are struggling with fat loss but you feel like your nutrition and training are going ok, try adding in some more general movement each day.

2 Nutrition bites

What is a calorie? Are they good or bad? How do you measure them?

Here is a great article explaining everything you need to know about calories.

Protein is a big deal, most people don’t get enough each day to be optimal for their goals. Examine.com has a great protein needs calculator to help you out. 

1 exercise demo

The rolling triceps extension is one of my favourite exercises to target the triceps with 2 different movements in one go.

Set up: On a bench, have your head off the end of the bench so the dumbbells have somewhere to go. If you are shorter you may want to have your feet on blocks to make sure your low back stays flat.

Don’t do this if you have any shoulder issue that limits you getting your arms overhead pain free.

Part 1: Starting with the DBs up, keep your elbows locked in place while you lower them towards the side of your head. This targets the eccentric phase of the tri ext meaning you can handle more weight than if you were doing a typical skullcrusher.

Part 2: With the weights going either side of your noggin, let them roll your elbows back towards your head to feel the stretch in the tris (and maybe the lats)

Part 3: Now roll your elbows back towards your ribs and press the weights back to the starting point. You’ll always handle more weight on the press than if you try to straighten the elbow from the shoulder level.

Repeat until your technique fails or you hit your target reps.


Have a great day!


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