3,2,1… W/e 22/9/19

This week I saw my mum off on her first big trip abroad in a long time. At not far off 80 years young, she’s taking herself off to Australia to see one her friends who now lives out there. She said that she had gotten into a routine and was stuck in her comfort zone, and that it was time to get out. About 9500 miles out of it. I think it’s fantastic that she’s doing it! Too many of us allow our comfort zones to limit our choices. I just wish we had been able to go with her!


3 training thoughts.

You have to get comfortable with the loads you use in training, but you have to push past those now and again in order to see growth, either in strength or adding muscle. The key is finding the sweet spot that allows you to provide a novel stimulus (in the form of increased demand on the muscle system) but still allow adequate recovery and growth.

If you push too far too soon, recovery is compromised and you quickly find a build-up of fatigue limits your ability to train. If you don’t push far enough, you won’t get the optimal stimulus for growth.

My thought on this is to err slightly on the side of caution, push the weights up a little, you’ll still get a demand for adaptation, it may not be optimal, but you can recover easily and push a little harder next time.

How hard do you really push yourself in training? Still on the same loads for the same reps as you were 3 months ago?

If so, it’s time to push a little out of your comfort zone.

I often talk to clients about the importance of sleep. Whether the goal is gaining more muscle, or losing body fat, sleep plays an integral role in your success or lack thereof. 

If you have ever wondered about how many calories you might be burning during your training sessions, it’s probably less than you think.

2 nutrition bits.

If your goal is fat loss, and if you are in or near to Edinburgh on the 9th of November, then you are in luck! My friend and super awesome PT Calumn Duthie and I will be putting on the best seminar on fat loss that has ever been seen! As well as covering the key components in successful fat loss, we’ll have not 1 but 2 great guest presenters who will be delivering great info to complement the sections that Calumn and I will be presenting.

If you re interested, keep an eye out for more info in the coming weeks…

Chicken burritos you say? Super tasty, simple to make and protein packed. 

1 Exercise demo


The anti rotation plank is a great upgrade to your standard, run of the mill plank. You are removing 1 point of support, and then adding a rotation force to resist.

Start with your feet a little wider than you would normally have, make sure your hands are stacked below your shoulders. This stops you using your shoulders to take more of the stress and keeps it focussed through your midsection.

If the full version is too difficult for you at the moment, do the plank from your knees and /or use a lighter weight until you build up more strength and can maintain flat, level hips throughout.

2-3 sets of 5-10 reps per side

Have a great Sunday,



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