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I often talk to clients about all the benefits that strength training gives them outside of the gym. Sure, hitting a deadlift pr is always going to be cool, and getting those first pull ups or pushups is a great milestone to reach, but how these things affect you outside the gym, in the real world.

Training should complement your life, not complicate it.

3 training thoughts

Physical exercise not only improves your physical development, it also boosts your brain power. This article was based on a meta analysis of 42 studies into exercise and learning and showed massive benefits to getting moving while learning.

This article shows that exercise, both resistance and aerobic, increases levels of BDNF (brain-derived neurotrophic factor) that typically decrease as we get older. This helps your body fight against age related decreases in cognitive ability.

This article also ties in well

So not only does exercise help you learn better, it also helps keep your brain healthier for longer. #braingains

Heres a great drill to help build stronger adductors and glutes. 

As a bonus, I found this link saved in my Facebook saved file – Leonardo da Vincis notebooks are now digitised and available online!


2 nutrition bites

Nutrition is  the driver of fat loss, ultimately it’s calories in versus calories out that determines what your body does in terms of weight/fat loss. But an area a lot of people forget is what you drink. Calories from drinks such as soft drinks, fruit juices, ridiculous coffee type drinks and alcohol can have a massive impact on your waist line. Simply swapping these to zero cal (no, aspartame won’t kill you) soft drinks, zero cal diluting juices and more importantly, plain old water, can cut a couple of kilos off without any real effort. 

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1 exercise demo

Banded walkouts are a great way to train your core and hips to resist both rotation and lateral flexion, ie don’t let yourself twist or bend to the side.


Make sure to drive off the inside foot as you simultaneously lead with the outside foot.

Stay upright throughout, no leaning!

If holding your arms outstretched is too challenging, bring your elbows to your sides and that reduces the lever the band works on.

3 sets of 8-10 steps facing each way.

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