3,2,1 W/e 2/2/20

And into February we go…

How are those goals of yours coming along? Hopefully, you’re still going strong, but if not, just hit reply to this email and ask any questions you might have that I can help with. I promise I’ll get back to you within 24 hours with any help I can provide.

3 training thoughts.

I think it’s safe to say that we all want a better butt. It looks good, but (butt) it also delivers a big chunk of your power. As Louie Simmons once said, “You never see a strong person with a tiny butt.”

But which delivers better booty building potential – squats or hip thrusts? 

Getting stronger demands that you lift progressively heavier loads over time. That is an increase in intensity.

Getting sweaty demands that you lift with more effort. (Or in a warmer gym).

There is a difference between intensity and effort that we often forget.

If you find yourself stuck for time, but want to get a great training sessions done, give this a try:

A1. Deadlift variation 3×5

A2. Press variation 3×8

Use strict 2 minute rest times.

B1. Row variation 3×10

B2. Goblet squat 3×10

Use strict 2 minute rest times.

C1. KB swings x10

C2. rollouts x4

Every minute on the minute for 4-6 rounds.

About 30 minutes total, including a quick warm up!

2 nutrition bites.

Food is neither good nor bad, and you need to stop thinking of it in such black and white terms. Here is a great article from Precision Nutrition on why they don’t use good vs bad when it come to food.

This is a great article if you find yourself focussing too much on fat loss or body image as the only reason you workout or eat a certain way. 

1 exercise demo

You upper back mobility comprises 2 components: your ability to flex/extend and your ability to rotate. Without either or both, you are asking a lot from your neck and lower back as way of compensating your lack of movement in your upper back. Here are 2 drills to help you improve each.

For the rotations, aim to bring your elbow into the gap between your torso and arm, then breathe out on the way up. Keep your butt on your heels to limit how much movement you allow from your low back.

For the extensions, keep your butt on the floor and abs engaged slightly. Breathe out on the way up, then take a deep breathe while extended to increase the range of movement slightly. Focus on getting your air into your ribcage.

Stay strong,




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