3,2,1 w/e 19/1/20

Good morning! It’s time for the round up of the past week and hopefully, you’ll get some useful info to help with your health and fitness goals.

3 training thoughts

One of the biggest issues clients, both in person and online, have with training is knowing when to increase the weights they use. So here is a simple test to do to help you gauge when the time is right to push ahead.

If you are working on sets of anything from 7 reps to 20, on your last set, go for as many good reps as you can. The key here is the word good. This doesn’t work with crappy reps, that only leads to potential injury and there’s no way you’re increasing the loads then…

So challenge yourself on the last set.

The reverse of the above is occasionally an issue. Particularly after a lay off from training, for whatever reason, it’s tempting to come back into the gym and go straight back into using the same weights as you’ve done pre-layoff.

But that way soreness lies.

My advice is to reduce your loads by about 10-20% and focus on perfect reps. It’ll feel almost too easy, but you’ll slide back into training with minimal DOMS and before you know it, you’ll be back up to the loads you previously used.

Remember, there is no rush, most of us don’t have a pressing deadline such as a powerlifting meet or getting up on stage in your pants and spray tan (and if you did, you probably wouldn’t have had the time off…) so take your time and focus on the process.

Sleep is the most underrated health, fitness, training and recovery tool you have at your disposal. 

2 nutrition bites.

Tracking calories and macros, keeping a food log, keeping a photo record of your meals and snacks is all about one thing: awareness.  And building better awareness helps you see where you are doing great, and where you need to make a change or 2 to improve your nutritional approach to get you closer to your goals.

Two things to remember about tracking, however you do it are:

  1. You have to be honest, and
  2. It’s just data.

The first is obvious, just because you don’t log it doesn’t mean it doesn’t count. To build a true awareness you need to have a complete picture of where you are now.

And secondly, you need to try to remove feelings of guilt and shame about the food choices you make. You can eat a wide range of foods and still make great progress towards your goals as long as you understand that ultimately you have to be in a calorie deficit if your goal is fat loss.

Food cravings come from a variety of sources, being aware of those cravings is a big deal when trying to beat them.

1 exercise demo

Goblet squats to a box is a useful variation to help you gauge depth better and maintain a consistency in form throughout the exercise.

A couple of points to remember:

  1. Maintain your tension. When you hit the box, stay tight. It’s not an opportunity to relax and take a seat. Chest up, abs on, then drive into the floor to get back up.
  2. Find a box/ platform height that allows you a controllable range of movement at or near the edge of your ability. If it’s too high then you’re selling yourself short, if it’s too low then you’ll find yourself rocking and squirming to get out of the bottom position.

Have a great Sunday,


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