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Did you see the news yesterday? In case you’re not on social media and didn’t see the TV, Eliud Kipchoge just became the first person to break the 2 hour barrier in the marathon. 2 hours. Well, 1 hour 59min and 40s! He averaged between 2.48 and 2.52 per kilometre, that’s 4mins 34s per mile. Insane.

3 training thoughts.

On the theme of running, here are some great dynamic hip and stabilisation drills for runners. Since you transmit all your force through your hips in a run, it makes sense to build strength and stability in your core and hips to be able to do so efficiently.

Training for most clients is built around some good general recommendations, and while the goal for most clients is fat loss, that’s really handled by the nutritional side of things. Here are some good recommendations from Lyle McDonald on general population training.

On the 16th of November, here in Sunny Edinburgh, Calumn from CD Fitness coaching and I are putting on a great fat loss seminar. We’ll be covering the 4 main pillars of fat loss and how we help clients make great progress towards their goals. We’ll also have 2 great guest speakers on the day that will be sharing their expertise to help you achieve the best results you can.

Since I know you’re interested, you can go here to get your tickets!

2 nutrition bites

If you want to avoid eating certain foods to help you improve your diet, then this simple tip from Taylor Simon can help you succeed.

We had an amazing dinner last night. I was so simple, nutrient packed and so tasty, I had to share it with your today.

Chilli peanut beef

Serves 2

400g rump steak, cut into 1.5cm slices

200g green beans

175g baby sweetcorn

1 red pepper, sliced

1 red chilli, grated

2 cloves of garlic, finely grated

1 tsp of salt

1 tbsp of sesame oil



45g peanut butter

1 tbsp of dark soy sauce

1 tbsp of rice vinegar or lime juice

1 tbsp of water.

To serve:

Quick cook noodles or rice

50g spinach, roughly chopped

3 spring onions, finely sliced

handful of salted peanuts, roughly chopped

How to:

Preheat the oven to 200C, then put all the main ingredients into a roasting tin, large enough to hold all of it in a single layer, add the chilli, garlic, salt and oil and make sure everything is well coated.

Pop it into the oven for 25 minutes.

Make the dressing by putting all the stuff into a bowl and mixing well.

When the time is up, stir the dressing through the steak and veggies, then serve with the noodles, spinach and sprinkle over the spring onions and peanuts.

You can get her book here.

1 Exercise demo

The humble plank is one of the best core exercises you can do. But leat’s face it, it can get a bit boring after a while…

Upgrading it can be as simple as taking 1 point of contact away and trying to maintain a solid position. With the plank with a leg lift, you will be trying to maintain a flat hip position throughout the set and alternating between lifting your left and right legs off the floor.

Before you lift your leg, try to drive the toes of the other leg into the floor as hard as you can, this will help you create tension through your hips and core to help you maintain a stable position. A common error I see is people trying to go too quick and being stabby with the movement. Slow it down, create tension and be smooth! If you need to, you can regress the movement slightly by putting your hands on a bench or box.

2-3 set os 4-10 reps per side.

Have a great Sunday!


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