One to one training

I have one mission when I work with clients: to create a simple, yet effective plan that helps them reach their fitness goals. I believe that anybody can make positive changes to their health, and I see it happen every day with my clients. They leave our session feeling healthier, happier, and energised… and more confident than when they came in.


By using simple training methods that focus on building strength and endurance through proper form, while following a structured, effective training program (while adding good nutrition habits), it’s possible to reach just about any fitness goal you have in mind. But going it alone isn’t as easy as walking into the gym, taking a look around with a protein shake in hand, and walking out with defined abs. If it were then everyone would do it, right? So, how do you sift through all the information available, discern the effective from the ineffective, and actually see the results you want? You enlist a pro who will be there and support you every step of the way.

One to one training

If you have long-term goals, and are ready to stay accountable to them by committing to at least three months of training, then this is your best bet. Your goals are the focus, and every 4-6 weeks sees a new training plan designed specifically to help you reach them. We’ll also work together to help you create sustainable changes to your diet so you can maintain success.

One to one coaching includes:

  • A new, personalised program every 4-6 weeks
  • Nutritional analysis and advice via food log
  • Nutritional habit building
  • Email newsletter
  • Email and message support outwith our one to one sessions
  • Individual sessions from £40 (depending on which training option you choose)

Have a friend or family member you want to share the journey with? There’s a group package for that!

One to one client testimonial – Andrew

One to one client testimonial – Rachel

Let’s chat.

I currently have limited one to one personal training slots available! It’s admittedly a nice problem to have, to book your consultation call and get your place on my waiting list, send me a message and I’ll be in touch within 24 hours.




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