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Habit based nutrition coaching teaches you the habits you need to say goodbye to dieting as you know it.

Following the system outlined in the  emails you receive daily, you learn to layer 1 good habit on top of another, building a personalised system that gives you the results you want!

You get:

  • more accountability
  • new habits sent fortnightly that build upon each other
  • lessons and assignments that explain and support the habits you’re working on
  • support and advice from me via email and the coaching website
  • access to my free, private Facebook group for nutrition coaching clients

If you are ready to change how you and food get along, and to get the best, sustainable results possible, click on the button above to get started!

3 reviews for Nutrition coaching powered by ProCoach

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    I am about 10 weeks in to the nutrition coaching so far and really enjoying it. I am learning so much from the course, but making things easier is being able to discuss and gain support from my coach Dave as I work through it. There is a lot to take in so having that extra support is absolutely key. Simple recommendations, weekly check ins, breaking tasks down and the ability to discuss with his other clients helps make things simpler but also keeps me motivated. Its good to know we all find certain tasks more tricky than others and share tips on how to work through them. Combining this with Dave as my personal trainer makes life even easier. A sensible, achievable, weekly programme, an understanding of my ability and some of my limitations due to injury have made him a pleasure to work with, combining both the nutrition with the exercise. I am learning, I am (mostly ) motivated, and when I am not he can laugh at me! Easy, fun, and has made exercise and rethinking my general nutrition goals a pleasure rather than a chore. Thank you Dave!/

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    Whilst I am happy with the progress I am making in the gym, nutrition is the area I really struggle with so I was intrigued to try something new. The philosophy here is to work on one habit at a time which helps in making changes more manageable and more sustainable.
    The online course includes work around the current habit, together with workshops for more detailed content and suggestions for action and I enjoy the variety which keeps things fresh – it’s not a chore to get things done and I have learned a lot. As a coach, Dave provides regular feedback and encouragement and knows whether I need a high five or a nudge in the right direction, keeping me motivated and engaged – thank you!

  3. Rated 5 out of 5

    I have been taking part in Daves nutrition coaching program now for 3 months and have found the approach completely original and really interesting. I now not only think about what I eat, but how I eat and why. The daily lessons really help with understanding how the approach works and make it easier to make better choices and have the new habits stick.
    Since starting I have dropped a dress size which has encouraged me to keep going. It is certainly worth trying and is great value for money.

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