Useful resources

Stress relief

Meditation can be a hugely valuable tool in dealing with stress and for just taking a few minutes for yourself. I’ve found the Headspace app to be a great introduction to making meditation a part of my day.



Sleep is the secret ingredient to getting good results. Whether you are trying to build muscle or lose fat, adequate good quality sleep is vital. I find the Sleep Cycle app is a great tool to monitor how much sleep you get and how good the quality of your sleep is, allowing you to improve your sleep habits.

Sleep Cycle

Habit building

Building good habits, and overcoming the not so good ones, is vital to bringing fitness and good nutrition into your lifestyle. As well as the books listed on the book page, technology can really help build momentum with good habits. Here are 2 apps I really like for doing just that!  AndroidApple

Habitbull  – Android 

Video demos

Sometimes you need a refresher on technique, go check out my youtube channel for demos on (almost) all the exercises you are likely to find in my programming. This is constantly being updated with new videos, so why not subscribe and get notifications when new videos are added.

Youtube – Dave Ballantine Personal Training

Useful links for other websites

Precision Nutrition – great nutritional resource with information on all aspects of food, nutrients and good nutritional habits – if you are interested in supplements, what each does, whether they are worth using or not and the research surrounding them, this is a great website. Just type in the supplement you are interested in and all the info is presented in an easy to read format.