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strong people

Building more strength is only ever a positive.

strong people

Studies into the positive effects of training for increased strength levels have shown a myriad of other benefits.

Benefits of strength training

  • A reduction in anxiety levels
  • Reductions in low back pain
  • Reduced pain in patients with osteoarthritis
  • Improvements in symptoms of type 2  diabetes
  • Improved sleep quality
  • Increased levels of cognition, possibly reducing the likelihood of dementia
  • Improved self-esteem
  • Reduced blood pressure

I could go on. But let’s just say that strength training might just be the fountain of youth!

As far as body composition goes, getting stronger adds muscle mass giving you the shape you want. And when you focus on improving performance and caring less about the weight on the scale, good things happen to your body shape. In fact, generally the stronger my clients get and the more they focus on strength and performance goals, the better their body composition gets.

To get stronger, you need to lift weights. You need to lift weights that challenge you and force your body to positively adapt to the stresses that you are placing on your body. Sometimes knowing where to start is an issue.

So I have designed a Simple Strength program to help you get started. I feel that it can help most people get a little stronger, but it will really help those of you closer to the beginner/ intermediate end of the training spectrum.

You can get it here.

Some notes on the program

The first rule of strength club is to make sure your technique is solid. Don’t go adding weight to crappy form as you’ll only go and injure yourself. You can’t get strong if you can’t train.

Lift weights that challenge you in line with the guidance in the program. There is a section in there that takes you through weight selection.

Rest times are important – follow the notes.

Use whatever exercise variations you want to for the big 3 exercises. If you can’t deadlift off the floor, use a 20kg plate at each end to lift the starting point a little. Or use the trap bar to change position.

Similarly, use the squat and bench variation that suits your ability and needs. There are video demos in the exercise selection section of the program.

If you are in any doubt about the exercise techniques needed, ask someone at your gym who knows. Alternatively, you can always get in touch with me here –

Stay Strong,


Simple Strength Program


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