The best goddam fitness articles of the week w/c 21st of Nov ’16

Here we go, another week and another round-up of some of the best fitness and nutrition articles out there!

Dr Joel Seedman kicks things off with a great article on strength tests, where do you rank on these?

Ryan Andrews nails a great piece about what healthy eating actually is!

Really useful article on getting more protein from J C Deen, points 4 and 5 are great tips!

Recovery from injury can be a pain, literally. Alex Eriksson has a great article on Dr John Rusins site about the science of food and supplementation on recovery.

Tom Venuto with why weight training, and not cardio, is key for fat loss

Meghan Callaway finishes this weeks edition with an article from earlier in the year on why there are no such things as “girlie” exercises. 

Enjoy the rest of your week,

Stay healthy,


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