A simple approach to health and fitness. Learn how to build training and nutrition into your lifestyle to get you the results you want, and keep them!

My philosophy

In today's world we are bombarded with quick fixes and the promise of immediate results, unfortunately, your health and fitness need a more long-term approach to get results that truly last. Combining smart, effective training methods and actionable and sustainable nutritional guidance, I can help you achieve your fitness and body composition goals.


Focusing on the tried and trusted methods refined from years of working with 1 to 1 clients, your training program is built on simple principles:
  • Simple programming.
  • Make steady progress.
  • Get stronger and move better.


Built upon several years of one to one personal training, your program continues to evolve to get you the best results.


For good nutrition and training to become part of your lifestyle, it has to be sustainable. You'll gradually build a solid foundation upon which you can take your training to new heights. Updated every 4-6 weeks, with planned recovery time and simple nutritional habits to help you get the most from your training, this is a system that can become part of your lifestyle.


Training with me

Training with me can be done in 1 of 3 ways: In…


A friend recommended Dave to me and I have to say that when I first started training I was a bit skeptical, but 6 months later I am still training and determined to continue as the results have been amazing!

He’s got a great attitude – really positive and encouraging and motivates me to work hard.

Mel S.

Having trained for almost 30 years I was getting stuck with injuries and a general lack of mobility. I needed something to get me out of the rut.
I had a chat with Dave to arrange a block of sessions and the progression has been fantastic. I have been given a new and fresh perspective on training – combining heavy lifts with bespoke exercises to develop my mobility.
The guidance that Dave has provided and the programme prescribed has really been transformational and will hopefully extend my ability to train well and effectively into middle age.
I really am very grateful to you Dave both for your time and input and getting me to look at training and exercise in a different way.
Best regards

Andrew B.

I have found my time with Dave very beneficial so far and continue to make steady progress. He even helped me train around an ankle injury and continued to help me progress while it recovered.

His vast knowledge, encouragement and flexible programming attitude are much appreciated and come highly recommended

Fraser M.


Thoracic spine rotation

Better T-spine rotations

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1 piece of equipment – 2 full body workouts

This is the first of a kinda regular series of workouts you can do with just one piece of equipment. Great for mixing things up a bit, if you are travelling and have limited options or if you are caught more »

High protein breakfasts – starting your day right!

When I talk to my clients about nutrition, the topic of protein comes up often. How much?* When?* Do beans count as protein?* *About 2g/kg of body weight for fat loss/ Regular doses throughout the day / Not really but more »

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